About us


POLUS is a manufacturing company with friendly staff. We believe that everything can always be improved. Creating refrigeration equipment is a real pleasure for us and we know that SHOWCASES are the center of business for our partners.

We like to describe the essence of our company, its DNA, as a set of the following principles:          

  • RATIONALITY is the driving force of the company. In the company POLUS rationality is the cornerstone. We focus our attention on what is really important for our customers, and we are driven by the desire to do it always, do it better and do it at the lowest cost. ALWAYS, BETTER AND AT THE LOWEST COST.         
  • NON-CONFORMISM is a distinctive feature of our company. We believe that there is something that can always be improved and that it is within our power. WHY NOT? – THAT’S THE QUESTION THAT INSPIRES US.

  • PROXIMITY TO PEOPLE is our way of life. We are working on always being close to our customers, offering them affordable products that meet their needs. We are sure that openness, respect and friendliness contribute most to good relations. NO OBSTACLES, NO BARRIERS. ONLY RESPECT.

  • REALISM is the only way to be different, viable and competitive in specific economic conditions. Permanent contact with reality is an inherent feature of our nature. WE ARE REALISTS, BECAUSE WE WANT TO ACHIEVE MORE.