Display case PF11-12 (Fudzi)

картинка Display case PF11-12 (Fudzi)
картинка Display case PF11-12 (Fudzi)

Main features:

  • Nominal voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Type of cooling: dynamic
  • Climate class: 3
  • Ambient temperature +12…+25 °С, relative humidity not more than 60%
  • Showcases are designed for indoor use with natural ventilation.
Model Dimensions, mm Weight, kg t, °C Electricity consumption per day, kW
Length Width Height
PF11-12 VM 1,25-2 9006PF11-12 VM 1,25-2 9006 PF11-12 VM 1,25-2 9006
1280 1080 1180 (1230) 0...+4 1,56
Refrigerated display case Fudzi was designed as a universal advertising spot combining design and functionality. Height and tilt adjustable, this display case is suitable for promotions and presentations of new products, and shockproof transparent sidewalls accentuate the buyer’s look at the goods.

Shelves in PF models can be mounted on different height and give the opportunity to use all the area of display case fordisplay of goods without deteriorating the
  • European-made compressor
  • Thermal insulation - polyurethane foam
  • Condensate evaporator
  • Shockproof transparent sidewalls from plexiglass
  • 1 shelf with the ability to install at different heights
  • Defrost type - natural heat input

  • Line docking
  • Protective bumper
  • Wheel support

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PF11-12 VM 1,25-2 9006
Чертеж PF11-12 VM 1,25-2 9006
  • Depth 850
  • Volume 0,17